About Me

Welcome to Iron Rose, my personal blog.

My name is Sophia, also known as that crazy cat lady (I have 7!) My passion includes making things and everything homemade. Finding the time to do everything I enjoy is my biggest challenge, but every day always holds something new for me. If there is one word to describe me, it is resilience. After growing up in a home filled with domestic violence, other people put in a position like me would have given up long ago. But I have used these challenges to become stronger, and find beauty in that strength.

I am:

  • On a journey to find the importance of creativity and compassion
  • In love with all things botanical and related to natural lifestyle
  • Enjoying learning something new every day
  • Making each moment count with the ones I love

Some things I enjoy doing in my spare time are…

  • Reviewing health and gardening products
  • Blogging about my life and travel
  • Visiting new places and meeting new people
  • Decorating and doing interior design or even graphic design work when I feel like being on the computer even more than I already am… which isn’t all that often

Topics I write about may be random but always come back to tying in some message about who I am or things that I find to be important.

Want to know me better? Reach out to me and we’ll chat. If you’re in the area, let’s grab coffee. I’m always open to meeting new people and making new friends. Don’t ask me to disclose my age 🙂

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